Character Creation Rules

Create a mortal with the following creation rules:

Nature, Demeanor, Concept, Name
Attributes: 6/4/3 dots
Abilities: 11/7/4 dots
Backgrounds: 5 dots
Virtues: 7 dots
Humanity = Conscience + Self-Control
Willpower = Courage
Freebies = 21 points

Please see the Storyteller if you wish to use Merits and Flaws.

Please flush out your character’s personality, beliefs, background, job, family, friends, hobbies, and aspirations.

Keep in mind how your character would respond to certain situations. Not everyone has to be a hero. Don’t forget that self-preservation and the desire reduce complications and irritants is a strong force. But, then again, maybe you strive to be a hero. Just food for thought.

Lastly, please determine why your character is at a the bar at the beginning of the game.

Character Creation Rules

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